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It’s the last few minutes of Millennium Eve, December 31 1999. But whilst the rest of the world is celebrating, Outcast Angel Jesse and a ragtag bunch of genetically enhanced trainees are desperately trying to save a Russian politician from an unknown assassin. 

The crowd is counting down the last few seconds till the new millennium — and then suddenly everything changes. Time turns back on itself. What just happened, will it happen again and is there anything that Jesse and his team can do to prevent the assassination? 

TIME LOOP (originally published under the title THEN AGAIN) is one of a collaborative series of Christian fantasy and science fiction short stories published under the collective banner REALMS OF OUR OWN. 

Realms Of Our Own is a new model in Science-Fiction anthologies, inviting each author to contribute a single character to be shared by all, reinvented by each contributor for use in a completely different universe. Ten authors, ten universes, ten core characters, one collaborative effort. 

This futuristic fiction story, TIME LOOP, features characters and concepts from the OUTCAST ANGELS Christian science fiction and fantasy series by Michael Carney. If you’d like to know more about the Outcast Angels series, please visit 

You can read the full reviews of this new Christian fantasy and science fiction tale in the Review section, but here are some of the comments that are especially worth highlighting: 

***** If you like a well written and fast paced story that keeps you riveted to the end, “Realms of Our Own: TIME LOOP” is the perfect starting point. I highly recommend it. (Chikpmcgee) 

***** It really is a remarkable short story … I am Going to GO NUTS WAITING FOR THE NEXT BOOK !!! (T.Vogt ‘Kindle Addict’) 

***** Specials ops meets the angelic meets time travel! Three of my favourite genres. Mix them together and you have one cohesive, fast paced thriller! (Peter Younghusband) 

***** Best of the bunch so far. Truly superb storytelling … This is just a great story, well told (David G. Johnson) 

***** highly original concept (Willy Eckerslike) 

***** Filled with magic, angels, demons, and assassins, the author manages to provide enough life and excitement in this short story to interest me in reading more. (E. VanZwoll)


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